About Kylie Chapman

Kylie Chapman


Kylie is passionate about helping others. With a background in Corporate Human Resources and finding Buddhism 17 years ago her natural desire to help others with kindness of spirit and compassion has led to a career in Life Coaching.

At 50 years of age she has overcome numerous challenging life experiences including IVF, multiple miscarriages, post natal depression, overcoming and living with chronic illness, divorce, being a single parent and financial distress. Not to mention the everyday stressors of life we all experience!

These many challenges have led to over 15 years of personal development and growth through counseling, therapy, psychology, psychiatric and medical intervention. All of which provides a first hand experience and understanding of the fragilities and strengths within us all.

Kylie is particularly passionate about divorced and separated women and men, and helping them overcome the stress and overwhelm they find themselves in. Guiding them to find their new selves in order to live an empowered, fulfilled life of joy.

Her Buddhist path has resulted in a long relationship with a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Bir, India. Through large personal donation she has been able to make a massive, tangible, every day difference to the lives of the monks. Their extraordinary spirit is a never ending inspiration to herself and her boys.


“Kylie is amazing at what she does! Her passion and commitment for empowering women after divorce and separation stems from her personal journey and reflects how she has overcome the pain and disconnectedness caused by divorce, to live whole and fully connected to her inner strength.  Kylie gives women the tools to experience this same freedom and wholeness in their lives.  She is the real deal!”  Penny Mentiplay Jan 2018


“Kylie is so passionate about helping other women get to a new empowered way of being after divorce.  Her own experiences give her great insight to what’s needed to find yourself again.  She inspires her clients to overcome the fear and overwhelm and find joy again.”  Mara Kristensen Jan 2018