When I was newly divorced 9 years ago I had no idea how to get through it. I was scared, alone, vulnerable and overwhelmed. Having to make huge life changing decisions under the weight of emotion and sadness was unbearable. I didn’t do it very well at all.
With no parents or family around to help, and the loss of most of the friends in my life at the time I was isolated and desperate. I just wanted the feelings of shame, guilt, anger and loss to stop.
I desperately needed someone to guide and support me. 
I discovered the hard way there was no magic pill to make it all go away and just be better. It is a process we have to go through.  However there are strategies we can put it in place to make it easier and less painful that it often is.
I’ve spent the last 9 years working through this myself and am now able to help other women by providing a “shortcut” – that won’t take you 9 years of momentous ups and downs like it’s taken me.
Being able to manage the emotions, thoughts and feelings rather than having them manage me has been life changing. Reconnecting with my true self and finding worthiness and self love is incredibly empowering.  Enabling me to live a life of joy and happiness.
How we choose to experience anything in this world is 100% up to us.  No one makes us feel anything – either “good” or “bad” – it is up to us.  We determine how we experience our world.  We are responsible for how we choose to live and change our lives.
 Are you in control of your thoughts, fears and emotions?
We all have huge potential within us for growth and change.  To live a life on purpose.
If you are ready to take the first step to feeling better, please PM me for a chat to see how I can help you. 
I’m here to help by providing a safe, nurturing, non-judgemental space for you. You deserve it 

How Can Divorce Coaching Help Me?

  • * Reconnect to your true self
  • * Rediscover your self love
  • * Eliminate overwhelm
  • * Release fear
  • * Build confidence
  • * Find worthiness
  • * Trust in yourself again
  • * Gain awareness, control and growth
  • * Identify your values and beliefs
  • * Live a joyful life
  • * Become empowered!

Kylie is passionate about helping others.

Beaches Life Coaching was founded to help divorced and separated women (and men!) reconnect to their true selves. To find worthiness and self love and become empowered.